8:15am – 8:45am

Main conference registration opens

8:45am – 9:00am

Welcome & opening remarks from the chairperson

Karunesh Prasad – Founder and CEO, Change Et Al.

9:00am – 9:40am

OPENING KEYNOTE: Pushing the envelope – How HR can use technology to progress development and learning for the future

Technology can play its role as powerful enablers of HR interventions. However, how do we effectively enable and magnify the impact of our interventions? How much do we understand the needs of our workforce and what really makes the box tick when it comes to technology in HR?

Kelvin Kong – Chief People Officer, Lazada Group

9:40am – 10:20am

PANEL: Measuring the ROI of HR technology

Technology is disrupting all industries, but none more so than HR. Whilst navigating challenges with budget constraints, top leadership buy-in and change management, HR professionals must master digital disruption and ensure the ROI of their technology investments. In this panel, hear how HR leaders have successfully used HR tech to gain competitive advantage.  

  • Assessing the benefits of technology in the context of your organisational needs 
  • Successfully executing digital investment projects to reap the rewards  
  • Quantifying the success of HR technology  
  • How do you measure the impact of the tech-enabled shift to more strategic, people-focused HR? 


Wing Git Chan – Group Head, Talent & Excitement, Luxasia

Angelina Chua – First Vice President & Group Head of Human Resource / Group Data Protection Officer, Yeo Hiap Seng (Yeo’s)

Tracy Lee – Director, Human Resources, SkillsFuture Singapore 

Karen Lim – Country Director, Head of Human Resources, Schneider Electric

10:20am – 10:40am




Morning refreshments & networking break

11:10am – 11:40am

HR spotlight: This is the future of HR

Technological advances and demographic shifts are changing the way that people work and HR operates.  

  • What will the future workforce look like?  
  • How is AI changing the way we work? 
  • How HR itself must change
  • Should HR be afraid of technology? 

Aditi Mahadevan – APAC Head of Talent, Learning and Diversity, Citi 

11:40am – 12:00pm


Kit San Yong – Country Manager (Malaysia & Singapore), Cubiks

12:00pm – 12:40pm

CASE STUDY: Recruitment in the age of AI

AI is on the rise. From chat bots to intricate hiring algorithms, technology is revolutionizing the way we recruit, streamlining transactional tasks and cutting through high volumes to bring the most qualified talent to the fore. In this session, learn how to incorporate technology into your recruitment processes and secure the right talent quickly and efficiently.  

  • Analysing the latest tools that are changing the recruitment landscape 
  • Overcoming challenges when applying AI in recruitment  
  • Retaining the human touch in the recruitment process 
  • How can you detect and avoid potential biases when using AI in recruitment? 
  • Shifting the role of recruiters from transactional to value-adding   

Wendy Tan – HR Director, APAC, Unity Technologies


Networking lunch

1:40pm – 2:25pm

PANEL: Questions to ask before purchasing HR technology

Selecting your next technology investment can be a complex endeavour. It’s imperative to understand what your strategic business objectives and goals are before selecting the right HR platform. Once you’ve successfully made your software purchase, what’s next in your tech journey? This session will cover:   

  • Selecting the right technology for your organisation and people 
  • Practical strategies for negotiating contracts 
  • Understanding how to integrate software into your business seamlessly  
  • Successfully training and engaging your employees on tech implementation and use


Wendy Foong – Chief Human Resources Officer, Sembcorp

Hong Siu Ming – Senior Vice President – Head People, Culture and Group Rewards, Great Eastern

Terrence Ng – Head of Human Resource, Singapore Petroleum Company / PetroChina International

2:25pm – 2:45pm



2:45pm – 3:25pm

CASE STUDY: I survived an HR tech rollout – here’s what I learned

HR technology can be an expensive investment if not managed well but with adequate resourcing and effective planning, HR technology can deliver massive return on investment. WS Audiology will share their learning experiences in managing a roll-out in the midst of constant change.  

  • What should you consider when integrating new technology with legacy systems?  
  • Driving cultural change: How to communicate effectively and engage the workforce to ensure employee adoption  
  • Demonstrating your return on investment to the executive team   

Gary Lee – Global Head of People and Organisational Development, WS Audiology


Afternoon refreshment and networking break

3:55pm – 4:35pm

Leveraging technology for an amazing on-boarding experience

As the battle for talent heats up across Asia, improving employee experience has become a key organisational priority. Starting at the beginning of the employee lifecycle, an effective on-boarding experience has a far-reaching impact on engagement, retention and company culture. Hear from one of Singapore’s most innovative employers using tech platforms to deliver a superior onboarding experience. 

  • Developing an onboarding strategy that supports your corporate culture 
  • Using technology to create an impactful onboarding experience  
  • Defining key metrics for the onboarding process 
  • Where is the wow factor? How to make your on-boarding process remarkable  

Sor Cheng Tan – Managing Director, Group Head of HR Technology, Shared Services and Risk, Group Human Resources, DBS Bank

4:35pm – 4:55pm


4:55pm – 5:35pm

PANEL: Quest for truth: people analytics uncovered

HR leaders today are drowning in data. The real challenge lies in collecting and analysing the data sets that provide the most relevant and meaningful insights to contribute to executive-level decision making.   

  • Choosing the right tools to collect and analyse HR data from a large number of disparate platforms  
  • Developing the infrastructure, capabilities and processes to effectively manage data within HR teams 
  • Gleaning powerful insights to support your CEO and executive team 


Raamann Ahuja – Senior Director HR, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Isaac Chin – Director, HR Technology & Analytics, Asia Pacific, Marriott International

Bhawna Gandhi – Head of HR, Singapore, Danone

Vandna Ramchandani – Regional Head of Talent Acquisition, Corporate Philanthropy & Employee Engagement Asia Pacific, Bloomberg


Conference concludes